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Expert Makeup Artists’ Cold-Weather Beauty Hacks for a Flawless Look

Expert Makeup Artists’ Cold-Weather Beauty Hacks for a Flawless Look

Maintaining a stunning makeup look despite the cold temperatures can be challenging as winter approaches. Thankfully, professional makeup artists have a treasure trove of tips and tricks to combat the harsh effects of chilly weather on your beauty routine. Let’s uncover these expert-approved beauty hacks designed to keep your makeup flawless, even in the coldest climates.

Embrace Oil-Based Skincare

Opt for Oil-Based Creams

Switch to oil-based creams in your skincare routine. These provide an extra layer of hydration, keeping your skin moisturized and protected from the drying effects of the cold.

Incorporate Oils and Serums

Include oils and serums in your regimen—they’re also oil-based and offer intensive hydration. Apply these products before moisturizer to lock in moisture and create a barrier against harsh winds.

Transition to Creamy Textures

Replace dry makeup textures with cream-based alternatives. When applied in advance, gel products ensure a smooth base, while cream-based makeup offers hydration and prevents flakiness in cold weather.

Combat Chapped Lips

Embrace Lip Care

Invest in nourishing lip balms and gentle lip scrubs to combat dry, chapped lips. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin, then follow up with a rich lip balm for intense hydration.

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Choose Lipsticks Wisely

Opt for lipsticks over tints and glosses during colder months. Lipsticks provide color and moisture, ensuring your lips stay hydrated and vibrant despite the chilly weather.

Additional Winter Beauty Tips

Layer Moisturizing Products

Layering hydrating products is key. Start with a lightweight moisturizer, add an oil or serum, and finish with a heavier cream for maximum hydration.

Incorporate Hydrating Mists

Carry a hydrating facial mist in your bag. A quick spritz throughout the day helps refresh makeup and provides instant hydration.

Add a Humidifier

Consider using a humidifier indoors to combat the dryness caused by central heating, maintaining moisture levels in the air and preventing your skin from drying out.